An update on covid-19

An update on covid-19

Dear JICO customers,

With breaking and unprecedented news about COVID-19 (coronavirus) constantly and abruptly increasing its number, our goal has been to make products available for everyone who is self-quarantined at home to at least to enjoy the best music as possible to stay positive and stay safe.

Based on the information we have today, a state of emergency has ended as of May26th, lasted for nearly 2 months since the prime minister responded to a surge in infections with COVID-19 (coronavirus). Despite the fact businesses are recovering from the recession, we still continue to remain safe by staying indoor as much as possible and avoiding contact with third parties.
It is yet to determine how entire nation will face once the coronavirus come back and strike our country. Until then, we have decided to re-open Tokyo office on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays for the month of June (our main factory will be closed on Wednesdays). One of the reasons is that all members must use trains and subways to commute, which will like to cause and spread the virus and protect individual lives. Please accept our apologies in advance if you do not hear back a reply from us in timely manner.

Some staff members will be continue to work from home by social distancing from others.
We never want to disappoint our customers and we always try to ensure everyone to get the best quality made in Japan/JICO products.
Please note that our head factory is safe and will resume the production.

Thank you for putting your trust in JICO, we’re committed to earning it every day.