An update on covid-19

An update on covid-19

Dear JICO customers,

With breaking and unprecedented news about COVID-19 (coronavirus) constantly and abruptly increasing its number, our goal has been to make products available for everyone who is self-quarantined at home to at least to enjoy the best music as possible to stay positive and stay safe.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly across Japan and the number of people infected is increasing in big cities like Osaka, Nagoya, and even in resort area in Okinawa.  The government of Japan is yet to determine whether to release state of emergency despite the number of infections with COVID-19 (coronavirus) is increasing. 
It is foreseeable, or may could state this is a second wave of this pandemic crisis while many countries are deteriorating which is also the main cause that shipping costs are increasing and the leading time is increasing.

On the brighter news, our Tokyo office will be relocating to new district in Toyko to enhance our sales and marketing promotions.

Our target is never disappoint our customers and ensure to provide best made in Japan/JICO quality products.

Thank you for putting your trust in JICO, we’re committed to earning it every day.