An update on covid-19

Dear JICO customers,

After several months past from unprecedented news announced on COVID-19 (coronavirus),  the virus countermeasures spanning until nowadays remaining at the same level numbers of infected patients.  Yet our goal remains to manufacture the best quality products available for everyone who is self-quarantined to enjoy the best music as possible to stay positive and overcome with this pandemic.

It is still foreseeable that the second wave of pandemic crisis will reach in the colder and drier season, while many countries have been deteriorating in economic causing export/import shipping costs to increase. We are not entirely sure how this pandemic will interfere our production which can lead to cause another major delays in lead time (4-5 weeks delay back in May-June).

Please always bear in mind that our target is to ensure and provide best made in Japan/JICO quality products all over the world with Omotenashi (spirit of hospitality) pride.

Thank you for putting your trust in JICO, we’re committed to earning it every day.


updated on 10/28/2020