Replacement styli for Shure N44G/DJ and N44-7/DJ are now equipped with stylus guards!

JICO renewed our product lineups for DJs. “DJ SERIES” will be delivered to you with new packages. As top recommended products, JICO replacement styli for Shure N44G/DJ and N44-7/DJ have renewed and now they are equipped with stylus guard.

Furthermore, the first 100 customers who purchased DJ SERIES from this website are presented with JICO DJ stickers.

New Items

The following 4 models are available as new products.
You can choose from the usual one-piece packaging type or two-pieces type with two as a set.

【Model Numbers】

For Shure M-44G cartridges
  • - N44G / DJ IMPROVED

For Shure M-44-7 cartridges
  • - N44-7 / DJ IMPROVED
  • - N44-7 / CLUB IMPROVED

* IMPROVED refers to specification with stylus guard.
* CLUB is a specification that glows in the dark.

two-piece type

1. Tracking Force
In order to reduce needle jump by scratch etc., we set the tracking force heavier than genuine Shure’s products. The tracking force for all 4 models is 3.5 - 4.5 g. This difference of tracking forces between "DJ SERIES" and the other products (including original Shure stylus) might cause troubles such as needle jumping, so please be careful to set the proper tracking force before use.

2. CLUB specifications
The CLUB type styli use the material which shines in the dark for the plastic resin part. It allows for enhanced visibility and adds a bit of flair to the DJ booth with a fluorescent stylus.

100% phosphorescent pigment (Lumi Nova) is used in the resin
Will stay lit by exposing it to natural or fluorescent light
Shines at a fixed brightness when exposed to black light
Brighter shine when exposed to stronger light source


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