Meditation Valve

meditation valve

Meditation Valve: TA–300B tube with colored Light Emitting Diode

Select materials, rigid quality control, manufactured by Takatsuki Electric with uncompromising scrutiny at their facilities in Japan.

The TA-300B, painstakingly manufactured from carefully selected materials and lacking any form of compromise with regard to assiduous quality assurance, represents the highest class of valve available within the vacuum tube equipment category.

The relentless attention to quality characteristic of Japan takes pride of place, evidenced by the carefully configured and calibrated measurement instruments used in production. The engineers, trained to assemble these high quality valves one-by-one and without the need to rely on automated equipment, are praised for the artistry of their renown “Made in Japan” workmanship.

In partnership with Takatsuki Electric Industry Inc., we are pleased to present the ultimate vacuum tube now clad in the radiance of colorful light emitting diodes for visual delight and enrichment of your analogue audio lifestyle.

Meditation Valve

Model Name Product Code
Buddhis RED JMV-R
Confucian ORANGE JMV-O
Socratic BLUE JMV-B


Type Single Ended Triode Vacuum Tube
Product name Meditation Valve (see chart at left)
Configuration Directly heated triode tube
Filament voltage/current 5V/1.2A AC or DC
Maximum plate voltage 450V
Maximum plate current 100mA
Maximum plate loss 40W
Why do we listen to records?

- To increase the sensual experience of a delicious meal.

- To cultivate an atmosphere of mystique while spending time in the company of someone special.

- To lift our spirits when we feel a bit down.

We appreciate that for many folks, the enjoyment of vinyl is a deeply personal endeavor. The choice of this format is a deliberate, conscious effort to engage with a physical medium which is steeped in memory, totemic symbolism, and pathos.

To enhance our listening experience, Takatsuki Electric, the sole manufacturer of audio vacuum tubes in Japan, has developed for us an iteration of their famed 300b valve featuring beautifully shaded light-emitting diodes.

Bearing the names inspired by the philosophies of Siddhartha, Confucius, Kant, and Socrates, four of the worlds greatest thinkers, the bright red, orange, green, and blue illumination of these bulbs will surely color the scene of your music appreciation.

Delve into the memories afforded by your vinyl collection. Plumb the depths of your inner world. Descend into contemplation in the glow of the Meditation Valve, just as generations of sages and dreamers have gathered themselves in thought around the flickering flames of hearth and home.

Buddhist RED: A color traditionally associated with protection, ritualistic power and the passion of ideas which inspire the imagination to action. Ideologies are invoked by dissatisfaction resulting from the impermanent state of the world. Meditations on the color red transmute such passions into wisdom regarding the ephemeral nature of reality, setting the heart on the path to liberation. Meditation Valve Buddhist RED
Confucian ORANGE: The color of transformation. The world is manifested by the interaction of yin (dark) and yang (bright). Duality is but the illusion of a segregated whole. Night and day are merely a matter of perspective. Just as the Sun crosses the horizon, one night ends as another settles in; one day begins as another comes to a close. And the life-giving rays emanating from the star at the center of our solar system, whose gravity is largely responsible for the formation of our planet, at this point of transition cause the Heavens to become awash in a radiant orange glow. Meditation Valve Confucian ORANGE
Kantian GREEN: Universally accepted as the representation of the natural world, the relaxing emerald color recalls the pastoral scenery of the Schwarzwald. Having evolved from our arboreal dwelling ancestors, the human eye can differentiate between more shades of green than any other color. Such refinement of our visual acuity allows us to more closely experience and appreciate the reality of nature as it is. Perhaps this is the underlying reason why green is considered an intellectual color which also imbues a sense of stability, balance, and tranquility. Meditation Valve Kantian GREEN
Socratic BLUE: A halyard lapping against its mast, the slow oscillation of the ship as it rolls with the period of the wave beneath. High above the albatross soars on a thermal, in seemingly suspended animation. Becalmed on the Sea of Beauty, it requires a head as cool as the water of the Aegean is blue to navigate a course. Lower your metabolism, focus your cognitive facilities, and Reason will be the wind of change that returns you to harbor. Meditation Valve Socratic BLUE
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