MORITA~Wood Carving Cantilever~KUROGAKI#

We proudly introduce our new stylus brand “MORITA”, newly designed “wood carving cantilever” made from black persimmon wood, called Kurogaki.

“I wanted to sense the true sound coming from the stylus using special carved wood cantilever”


“MORITA” product, generated by one of the reticent craftsmen, Kotaro Morita, has truly been a “reticent” craftsman for the past half century, the day since he started the service with our company, JICO.


The intention of this product is to recognize the brand under his “name” with the belief in purpose to send and express Kotaro Morita’s spirit, technology, and achievements to future generations.


As known as “black persimmon wood”, these persimmon plants are planted in cold mountain areas than warmer areas.

Black stripes are widely visible on astringent persimmons but we do not know the specific reason to this.

It is believed that black stripes appear on heartwood, which some parts contingently dye in pitch black.  

Ever since it was used in the masterpiece of carpentry for Shosoin (the treasure house that belongs to Todaiji temple in Nara prefecture), this Kurogaki has been prized as “high-standard noble wood” and also been used in Togu Palace (known as prince’s residence).

Our technicians assemble the parts with extreme caution due to the fragile ness of the material. This creates the one and only unique stylus as each one of them will have different taste of sound.

"MORITA" cantilever utilizes black part of persimmon natural wood, aka KUROGAKI.
Most cantilevers are traditionally made of metal such as aluminum.

Enjoy our newly custom designed JICO brand stylus, “MORITA” with unique fascinating sound.

[Cartridge product lineup for MORITA Stylus]SHURE : V15 Type III,  V15 Type IV,  V15/V,  V15VxMR,  M44G/M44-760

[MORITA stylus product specifications]TRACKING FORCE : 
・V15 Type III, V15 Type IV, V15/V, V15VxMR : 0.75g – 1.25g 
・M44G/M44-7 : 1.5g – 3.0g

Approximately 1-2 weeks

・V15 Type III, M44 : 100$ (excluding tax)
・V15 Type IV, V15/V, V15 VxMR: $120 (excluding tax)