STYLUS 30  e005703

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Manufacturer : ORTOFON


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7 reviews for STYLUS 30

  1. Anonymous

    Exceeds all expectations. Amazing sound for the money.

  2. Anonymous

    I have been reading mostly good reviews and comments about Jico stylii for a number of years and had decided that the next time i needed a replacement stylus for a cartridge i would buy one if available. Recently i won a Concorde 20 one piece plug and play cartridge for my Technics SL1800. It was very inexpensive as it was missing the stylus. So long story short, i ordered one of the Jico Concorde 30 stylii and have been using it heavily for the last week.

    I had never heard thencartridge with thenoriginal stylus on it somi cant compare it to that, but i can compare it to the Shure n97xe which was previously installed on the Technics.

    There is definitely a noticable difference in how these cartridges extract the music from the groove and send it to the preamp. The Shure is an excellent cartridge with very bright presentation. The stylus on thenShure has probably 50-60 hours on it and i am sure there has been a bit of smoothing of the high end. But it definitely took some time to develop that smoothness. By comparison, this Jico stylus with the Ortofon cart is incredibly warm and smooth right out of the box. I have found myself playing records every day for extended periods of time since receiving this stylus it is incredibly pleasant to listen to. And not only is there a total lack of ear fatigue while listening to music but in fact the opposite phenomonon occurs and I find myself putting on record after record each evening.

    In conclusion, i am very pleased with my purchase and can highly recommend this as a replacement for any of the Ortofon cartridges which take this size stylus. And I am wondering if I should bother waiting for it to wear out or if I should just go ahead and buy the SAS stylus for the Shure. I will probably just continue to enjoy the Ortofon/Jico combo for a while.

  3. Anonymous

    I updated my very-new OM10 with the Concord 30. There was no night and day difference but the detail and musicality improved noticeably. When you consider that an OM10 replacement stylus is about the same as the concord 30 it’s a bargain. That said I’m ordering another as replacement while I wait for JICO to offer a concord 40!

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