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N-44-7 / CLUB IMPROVED two-piece  e009612

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Sold in sets of 2
Manufacturer : SHURE
**Glows in the dark**

The tracking force is slightly heavier than genuine Shure products to reduce jump during scratches.
JICO replacement styli for Shure N-44-7 whose tracking force is the same as genuine Shure N-44-7 ( 1.5 – 3.0 g ) are also available.
The CLUB type styli use the material which glows in the dark for the plastic resin part. It allows for enhanced visibility and adds a bit of flair to the DJ booth with a fluorescent stylus.

[Details] 100% phosphorescent pigment (Lumi Nova) is used in the resin
Will stay lit by exposing it to natural or fluorescent light
Shines at a fixed brightness when exposed to black light
Brighter shine when exposed to stronger light source
This product is the improved version of JICO N-44-7 CLUB (formally known as LUMINO) equipped with stylus guard.

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3 reviews for N-44-7 / CLUB IMPROVED two-piece


    Very happy with this purchase! The delivery time was a bit long due to the coronavirus crisis. But I did receive my styli. They are a wonderful replacement for my original N-447s. To tell the truth, I don’t see a difference with those of the Shure brand. So I can keep my Shure M-447 cells! ? Very happy! it’s great !!!

  2. chrstopher withey (verified owner)

    awesome! did the pepsi challenge with my n447 and the jico. the jico was slightly crisper than the original. great replacment for the m447

  3. djvarmintbaby

    This stylus is amazing. Tracks like a freight train and sounds incredible. Great for house and hip hop DJs especially. The bass translates great with this stylus. You can DJ with any genre of music and it will sound amazing though. They look very durable and perform just as well as they official Shure N447 stylus would/did. I’m ever so grateful to JICO for putting out this stylus because it keeps the M447 alive. If you’re a DJ that uses vinyl (or control vinyl) try to find a good deal on a M447 cart and once you get that you’re golden.Just cop one of these JICO stylus and you’ll be set for DJing with vinyl of any type. I’m not looking to go to Phase just yet as I love the ritual of placing a needle onto vinyl. Something about that process speaks to my soul and I can’t get enough of it. The Shure M447 is the best cart I’ve ever used as a DJ and the fact that JICO is keeping it alive is a true godsend. I wish I could give it 10 stars! Get them now!!

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