N-44-7 / DJ IMPROVED two-piece

N-44-7 / DJ IMPROVED two-piece  e009608

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USD 80.00

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Sold in sets of 2
Manufacturer : SHURE
In order to reduce needle jump by scratch etc., we set the tracking force heavier than genuine Shure’s products. The tracking force for all 4 models is . As the tracking force is different from the original styli and our usual types, the use without adjusting the tracking force causes troubles such as needle jumping. Be sure to set the proper tracking force when using it.
JICO replacement styli for Shure N-44-7 whose tracking force is the same as genuine Shure N-44-7 ( 1.5 – 3.0 g ) are also available.

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2 reviews for N-44-7 / DJ IMPROVED two-piece

  1. Kieran McElhinney

    Got my first Jico stylus today,replacing a Shure, Fantastic, The bass is so warm it adds a new layer to the music. tried out on Meddle by Pink Floyd.

  2. mr bruxel, geovane

    the best stylus for cartridge shure m44-7 great sound and durability, i recommend jico the best!

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