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N-44G / CLUB IMPROVED two-piece  e009610

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N-44G / CLUB IMPROVED NUDE two-piece is available!!


Sold in sets of 2
Manufacturer : SHURE

**GLOW in the DARK**

The tracking force is slightly heavier than genuine Shure products to reduce jump during scratches.
JICO replacement styli for Shure N-44-7 whose tracking force is the same as genuine Shure N-44-7 ( 1.5 – 3.0 g ) are also available.

CLUB styli use the material which glows in the dark for the plastic resin part.
Allows for enhanced visibility and adds a bit of flair to the DJ booth with a fluorescent stylus.

[Details] 100% phosphorescent pigment (Lumi Nova) is used in the resin
Will stay lit by exposing it to natural or fluorescent light
Shines at a fixed brightness when exposed to black light
Brighter shine when exposed to stronger light source
This product is the improved version  of JICO N-44-7 Lumino, equipped with stylus guard.

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