N-55E IMPROVED  e007414

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Manufacturer : SHURE

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2 reviews for N-55E IMPROVED

  1. Anonymous

    i am comparing this needle with the original N55e from SHURE
    it is a slight improvement over this and that.

    Vocal sound a bit dry on the original N55e series, the JICO IMPROVED give a bit increase in around 8 – 9 KHZ so it sounded more wet.

    The depth of Bass is a bit improvement but too little.

    The best thing in this needle is that it has more weight in every nodes like in guitar, piano and percussion. and the after effect is the bass it produce is a bit too short.

    luckily this needle does not reveal so much about detail so the dust and unwanted groves is not very pronounce.

    you can say that it sounded warmer towards the original SHURE and i would prefer this one

    So there you have it, little improvements in here and there gives it a better item than the original, but we expect more don’t we?

  2. Anonymous

    Have purchased several styli off Jico over the last few years.
    Have just received my N55E improved and am very impressed

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