N-55E  e007413

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4 reviews for N-55E

  1. Caldo9 (verified owner)

    I use the N55E JICO stylus in my trusty Shure M44G cartridge. Since the original stylus is conical and this one here is an elliptical the improvement in sound quality is nothing but wonderful. More resolution, much more more clarity and – most important to me – a lot less distortion on the inner grooves. I use it at 2 grams. The original from Shure was in the 0.75-2.0 gram range. JICO did unfortunately not publish any details on this. I also hope to see this back in the catalogue soon!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Just received mine today and initial listening tests show that Jico’s version of N55E definitely sounds clearer, IMO, as compared to the original Shure N55E improved. Of course the original N55E is already a nice sounding stylus, but having Jico’s version around makes the sound of the original Shure N55E a bit muddy. The compliance seems a bit lower also, making it more appropriate on heavier tonearms, including mine. I noticed also that the last songs sounded more lively as compared to using the original Shure. Also none or very minimal inner groove distortion was observed on Jico’s stylus and with lesser sibilance too. For me it’s balanced and clearer thus, making the soundstage more evident. Will do some break-ins more and just wonder what further improvement can it bring.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi all,

    Today I received JICO stylus for my Shure M55e cartridge.I have purchased it from JICO direct in $35 including shipping.I am from India.It came in a very good packing.Excellent customer care.Perfect fit into cartridge.I received it in 7 days from Japan.The stylus is sounding very nice and getting smoother.The first thing I noticed was volume.I had to turn down my amp’s volume.The voice clarity is very good back with much smoother bass and treble.It is definitely better than original.I highly recommend JICO stylus.

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