N-70EJ  e007416

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USD 50.00

JICO Number: e007416 Category:


Manufacturer : SHURE

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7 reviews for N-70EJ

  1. Nightforce Atacr For Sale

    Love it. Great job. I spent the last 20 min having a good read of your content.

  2. Anonymous

    Fantastic stylus to revive the old Shure M70B cart.

  3. Anonymous

    Here is the best value for money you will find anywhere.
    Very few non-Shure replacement styli sound like genuine Shures. This one does.
    But not like an N70EJ, more like the earlier N33-5, which was a top notch stylus in its day and similar sonically to the N55E.
    This stylus also fits the M72, M75, M81, M91, M93, V15/2 and others. (It does NOT fit the M33 or M55).

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