VN5MR HG 4CH/Z  e087511

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Cantilever Series
Limited quantity
Manufacturer : SHURE
Please note that the tracking force for this zirconia cantilever product might be different from the original product.
Be careful when you handle this product. is extremely fragile and it is much easier to break compared to Aluminum which is generally used for cantilever.
*The photo is boron cantilever product.

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1 review for VN5MR HG 4CH/Z

  1. jfwilcox (verified owner)

    I purchased the Shibata diamond with zirconia cantilever. It compares more than favorably with my AT150MLX and plays some very difficult classical records (Mahler, for example) beautifully with very musical highs in passages that would often break up with other styli. It seems to render the appropriate amount of sibilance (but if you can’t stand any sibilance at all, a nicely-mounted ML might suit you better). A well-managed bit of sibilance and sparkling highs often represent the life of the recording to me and I get that excitement from music played with this stylus. My V15V has never sounded better. Coherent sound throughout the range and great imaging. I am just delighted. My first Jico Shibata and if the river don’t rise, it won’t be my last.

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