Molding & Burning in the heart of SETOMONO ceramic city, JICO has released "SETO-HORI" MC cartridge.

Ceramic body + Micro-ridge diamond tip + Boron cantilever
Ceramic body Micro-ridge diamond tip Boron cantilever

Covering high output voltage MC cartridge engine with SETOMONO ceramic-ware from Seto city in Japan, SETO-HORI suppresses excess vibration of cartridge engine itself.

Take a look at this beautiful ceramic body. This unique pattern is not drawn directly to the ceramic with a brush, but drawn by the mold. This technique is called HORI-TSUKE, and is one of the art of SETOMONO.

This pattern is designed imitating fishing nets, hoping that people will capture happiness.

“Kata-Tori” (mold making) and “Yaki-ire” (burning) are key processes for ceramic-ware. After “Yaki-ire,” ceramic ware shrinks in size a lot, and this is why it had been said that ceramic ware is not suitable for cabinet of cartridge.

JICO created original design cooperating with a laboratory in Seto-city, Aichi prefecture, and studied the shrinkage together with a pottery in Toki-city, Gifu for over two years. Plus, JICO craftsmen finely adjust the product at the last process by hand work, and finally JICO has succeeded in launch of SETO-HORI.

“Micro-ridge diamond tip” has a polyhedral shape and is capable of playing records for more than three times longer compared to ordinary styli.

Cantilever is made of Boron which has small mass and great stiffness. These characteristics allow the tip to trace the groove wall more correctly and reproduce low frequency with higher fidelity.

The base connected to shell is made of natural walnut tree and processed in the city near from the area where world-class musical instrument factories are. Japanese traditional ceramic and natural wood have combined to give an additional charm to the sound. SETO-HORI is purely made-in-Japan + handmade MC cartridge.

SETO-HORI MC cartridge

Price: $ 999
* It will not be necessary to pay Japanese consumer tax. However, Please note that you may be charged with your country's duty tax and fees upon arrival.

detail workshop in SETO city

Mold making at workshop in SETO city, AICHI prefecture.


  • Output voltage: 2mV
  • Output balance: <1.5dB/1kHz
  • Stylus force:2.0 g
  • Channel separation: 25dB/1kHz
  • Frequency response: 15-32,000Hz
  • Output impedance:130Ω/1kHz
  • Boron cantilever
  • Stylus shape: Micro-ridge
  • Product net weight: 11 g
  • Shielding case: Ceramic ware from Seto and Walnut tree.
  • All cartridge shipped with 100% shipping inspection with sound check.

Micro-ridge diamond tip

Micro-ridge diamond tip

This stylus tip is cut into a polyhedral shape and this allows the micro-ridge tip to transmit detailed curvature of the record groove wall to cartridge. Additionally, the life time has been tripled by highly polishing the tip.

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