JICO Record Stylus Image Artwork Gift

JICO will offer free original artwork of various record styli to download!

The artwork is created by profound legacy illustrator Aimi Odawara.

Without having to become a member, anyone can download the images for free.

Fantastic illustrations that can be used on any device as a wallpaper background or original icons!

After clicking desired images, please download along the red frame in the left figure.

●For PC/Mac

●For Smartphones

●Various Record Styli

Images distributed on our website can be used free of charge for personal use within the Terms of the User Agreement.


Permission for use of Illustrations:

・Wallpaper background for PC/Macs and smartphones

・Profile pictures and posts on SNS platforms

・Print for private use only



・Corporate and/or personal commercial use

・Use against the interests of morality and/or public order

・Use of illustrations that are aggressive, discriminatory, sexual, or extreme that harms the illustrations’ reputation

・Use in correlation with anti-social and illegal activities

・Use by remaking and/or editing illustrations

・Redistribute and/or sell the illustrations as a product

・Production of products using illustrations.

・Trademark registration of illustrations

・Any case or circumstances that JICO considers improperly connected to the illustrations.


About copyright:

All material copyrights belong to JICO and Aimi Odawara.

Free of use, but Copyright is not waived.


Distribution of the illustrations is subject to change and/or termination without prior notice.