Uncompromising perfection.
Unparalleled quality.

The introduction of the TA-300B in 2010 marked the first time in 35 years an audio vacuum tube had been manufactured in Japan. For its re-entry into the market further precision enhancements have been introduced.

Substantial revisions to the components and production process were conducted without compromise to achieve such enhancements: Selection of materials, rigorous quality control, and painstaking assembly are all carried out at Takatsuki Electric’s factory in Japan.

New dies have been fabricated for the base and the design has also been updated to black.

As the sole manufacturer of single-ended triode tubes in Japan, only Takatsuki Electric has the capacity to produce a valve of superlative quality.

Indulge in the extravagant sound of sophistication by the soft and satisfying glow of the TA-300B.


Product: TA-300B
Price: $1,780.00


Highest rated values

Filament Voltage: 5V AC and DC

Plate Current: 100mA

Plate Voltage: 450V

Plate Loss: 40W


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