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JICO will be releasing the new upgrade replacement needle specifications for SHURE 44 models.
Further information TBA

One of the top American turntablists made an awesome comment on JICO J44 cartridge!

J44 Cartridges

JICO’s J-44 cartridge is available with upgraded version using “NUDE” tip.

Grab highest quality MM cartridges produced by JICO!

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We regret to announce that due to the supply shortage we are currently experiencing, all conical tip stylus products have been determined to be suspended from production until further notice.  This situation may last for several months.

JICO’s J-44 cartridge “without the stylus” version is available for a limited period of time for customers those who have already purchased the JICO replacement stylus or own Shure original stylus to enjoy the sound immediately by purchasing this cartridge solely.
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All JICO products are build to order and handmade which can take up to 2-3 weeks of production lead-time before shipping via FedEx.  (*currently, we are facing material shortage and can take up to 5-6 weeks)

We do not accept any cancellation once production has begun.


Jazz Cafe BASIE Replacement styli  “VN35MRB II” and the “VN35EBN” supervised by Shoji “Swifty” Sugawara is on sale! 
VN35MRB II is a Limited Edition uses Mircoridge tip.

Brisk sales as new JICO MM cartridges hits the analog market!
The NEW and IMPROVED successor of Shure M44-7 and M44G cartridge.

 ・ J44A 7 cartridge
 ・ J44D cartridge

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