Special replacement styli for selected 18 models were released without waiting for resuming the sales of JICO Super Analog Stylus Series.
JICO released special replacement stylus using Zirconia for the cantilever for a limited quantity. Through the development of the “SETO-HORI” ceramic MC cartridge, which was launched in 2018, we found that the material hardness is one of the important factors for determining the sound quality. We looked for the material and finally arrived at the answer, Zirconia. Since the mass of zirconia is larger than that of other materials such as boron, we first reduced the mass by processing the cantilever into a hollow pipe shape. The pipe shape helps the sound to resonate, moreover, we succeeded in suppressing split resonance and reducing the effective mass as seen from the tip of the stylus by covering the joint pipe to the middle of the surface of the cantilever.

As a result, we ultimately created the clear and precise sound, which was different from the preceding other cantilevers lineup’ (aluminum, boron, sapphire, and ruby). This was the sound we were seeking for.

We prepared this replacement stylus for MM cartridge. The stylus tip types are SAS (Micro-ridge), Shibata and Elliptical, and the quantities are limited in 100 pieces for each tip type.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy “JICO’s another new sound.”

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There are not many of Shibata and Elliptical types left.
Don’t miss this chance.

Shibata tip

Elliptical tip

* Tracking force for this zirconia cantilever products is 1.0 – 1.5 g. The tracking force might be different from the products that use usual material for cantilever.
* Zirconia is extremely fragile and it is much easier to break compared to aluminum that is used for cantilever in general. Please be careful when you handle this product.

JICO Super Analog Stylus Series (SAS tip + Boron, Sapphire or Ruby cantilever) will be back soon. Please wait a little while more.