The World's First Record Stylus that uses Wood for the Cantilever will be Released

“Release of MORITA‘s 3rd Installment: ‘YURUSHI-IRO


It has been three years since the release of MORITA’s 2nd installment, “USHIKOROSHI“. Following this release, Mr. Morita, the master craftsman of record stylus production, has been diligently crafting samples using various types of wood in pursuit of the “next sound.”


The three years of repeated listening and trial and error have swiftly passed, leading us to the culmination of this effort. Among the diverse spectrum of timber materials explored, we take great pride in introducing our 3rd innovation – the ‘YURUSHI-IRO‘, crafted from the material of Pink Ivory.

(‘YURUSHI-IRO’ is the Japanese name for the color pink and holds traditional significance in Japan.)


【Product Lineup】

N44    YURUSHI-IRO NUDE     (Compatible Cartridges: M44G/M44-7, J44D/J44A 7/J50/IMPACT)

VN35  YURUSHI-IRO NUDE (Compatible Cartridge:  V15 TypeⅢ)

VN45  YURUSHI-IRO NUDE  (Compatible Cartridge:  V15 TypeⅣ)

VN5    YURUSHI-IRO NUDE     (Compatible Cartridge:  V15/V)

VN5x  YURUSHI-IRO NUDE(Compatible Cartridge:  V15Vx, V15VxMR)


J50 YURUSHI-IRO NUDE (Cartridge + Stylus)

OMNIA J50 YURUSHI-IRO NUDE BLACK (Cartridge + Stylus + Headshell)


OMNIA J50 YURUSHI-IRO NUDE SILVER (Cartridge + Stylus + Headshell)


J50 7Y Duet (Cartridge + Two Types of Stylus) : 


J50 KY Duet (Cartridge + Two Types of Stylus) :


J50 UY Duet (Cartridge + Two Types of Stylus) :


J50 KUY Trio (Cartridge + Three Types of Stylus) :


【What is Pink Ivory ?】

Known as a “Peach-Colored Ivory,” Pink Ivory is distinguished by its characteristic pink-hued grain, in line with its name. The material is exceptionally hard, making it a challenging wood to work with. The pink portion of the wood can only be obtained from the heartwood (the inner part of the tree trunk), and there can be significant variations in color tone among individual pieces, rendering it a highly prized and costly commodity.


Due to its exquisite beauty and texture, Pink Ivory finds application in crafting furniture, art pieces, and even musical instruments. It’s important to note that Pink Ivory is unrelated to actual ivory; its name stems from its resemblance in color tone to ivory.

It’s intriguing that during the final selection process, we had two leading contenders: Pink Ivory and another distinctive wood variety. Ultimately, for this release, Mr. Taniguchi, who possesses 27 years of expertise in our sound inspection department within the phono stylus manufacturing division, invested substantial time in meticulously auditioning the options and making the definitive choice.


It’s worth noting that our sound inspection involves the meticulous process of individually listening to each assembled phono stylus and gathering data to ensure the highest quality standards.

Impressions from Mr. Taniguchi:

“The individual notes are incredibly delicate, and the high frequencies come through exceptionally well, resulting in an overall pristine sound quality. In comparison to an aluminum cantilever, there’s a certain ‘depth to the sound,’ and while it retains the characteristic gentleness of a wooden cantilever seen in other MORITA series, it stands apart from ‘KUROGAKI’ and ‘USHIKOROSHI“.


The MORITA Wood Carving Cantilever doesn’t have a predetermined sound in mind; rather, the focus lies in the exploration of “what kind of sound will it yield?”.


Morita and Taniguchi comment:

While those seeking sheer power might find it slightly understated, each note becomes a ‘delicate and remarkably transparent sound’.”

【Introducing MORITA 〜Wood Carving Cantilever〜】


“The curiosity to hear the sound of a record stylus equipped with a wooden cantilever.”

This product was born from a single statement made by the unassuming record needle artisan, Kotaro Morita. Over the span of nearly half a century, Morita has been steadfastly devoted to the art of craftsmanship as an employee of JICO.


Driven by the intention to preserve his spirit, skills, and accomplishments for future generations, we have come to release a product bearing his “name.”


In November 2019, the inaugural release “KUROGAKI 黒柿” made its debut, followed by the second installment, “USHIKOROSHI 牛殺,” in July 2020.

[Start of Order Acceptance]

September 1, 2023 (Friday) at 10:00 AM JST


[Expected Shipping Commencement]

Shipping will commence sequentially after October 2, 2023 (Monday)