JICO will begin accepting orders for JICO’s Original Cartridge Case as of September 5th, 2022. Delivery will start in October 2022. This is a new JICO CUSTOM SHOP Accessory addition following the Stylus Case.

The Cartridge Case can accommodate up to three cartridges and is compatible with the Technics Headshell. There is a slot for supporting a standing headshell and a place to store mounting screws.

JICO has developed and manufactured products that allow users to enjoy listening to analog records. In order to facilitate the transportation and storage of phono cartridges, we are now releasing a Cartridge Case It is intended to store the JICO OMNIA J44 and SHURE M44 Model Cartridges attached to Technics Headshells.


■ Product Details

● Compatible Cartridges: J44D/J44A 7, SHURE M44G/M44-7
● Compatible Headshell: JICO, Technics Headshell
● Dimensions: W117mm x L117mm x H50mm
● Weight: 203g
●Price: $60 USD
*Cartridges and Headshells are not included with this product.

■ Order Acceptance Date From 10:00 am, September 5, 2022 JST
■ Scheduled Shipping Date From October 3, 2022 JST