JICO will be releasing the next generation Cartridge from the JICO CUSTOM SHOP lineup. The  “J50” and “IMPACT“.

A new JICO CUSTOM SHOP series that utilizes the body of the J44 Cartridge model which produces a rich full thickness of BASS and while exposing an astonishing powerful “PUNCH” to the low end from a record groove. A continuation to the JICO CUSTOM SHOP products that was unintentionally produced during the development of cartridges “J44D” and “J44A 7,” which were released in April 2021.

Two versions of the new MM Cartridge will be available. 

The “J50” for listening/play back and the “IMPACT” for DJ use and performances.


Designed for the Audiophile/Record Listening Enthusiast.

MM Cartridge for playback listening with a higher output compared to the “J44D” and “J44A 7“.

A Calm Transparent Brown body with various kits available that features 1 to 3 separate styli. These kits provide the best opportunity to experience the variety of reproduced sounds that the JICO CUSTOM SHOP collection has to offer. Available styli for the J50 are the “N-44-7 IMP NUDE”, and the MORITA wood cantilever models – “N44 KUROGAKI” and “N44 USHIKOROSHI”.


Designed for DJ use and performances.

A Clear RED Transparent body using the JICO N-44-7 DJ IMP NUDE NUDE Conical Stylus.

An OMNIA pre-assembled complete set will also be available which includes the JICO Black or Silver Headshells.

The “J50” and “IMPACT” MM Cartridges are also compatible with original SHURE N44G and N44-7 styli. Enjoy listening to and comparing these cartridges to the classic SHURE M44G and M44-7.

Order Acceptance Date From 10:00 am 10/3/22 JST

Estimated Delivery Date From mid-October 2022 JST