JICO Original Lead Wires

Introducing a new product to be added to the JICO CUSTOM SHOP Accessory lineup that is designed to elevate the performance of JICO MM cartridges!


There will be 3 types of Lead Wires to be released.

Orders will be accepted from May 1, 2023 


Numerous customers have inquired about the availability of JICO Lead Wires, which we believe are an essential component in achieving the JICO sound for MM cartridges. As a result, we went through extensive discussions with our partner companies to verify that the product specs will the highest standards.


We invite you to enhance your listening experience by improving your replacement Stylus, Cartridge, Headshell, and Lead Wires using JICO CUSTOM SHOP products. You will be able to take in the full range of JICO’s excellent sound quality.

■ For a Smooth, Mellow & Elegant Sound with the J44A 7, J44D and J50 cartridges.


For a Powerful Dynamic Sound with the “IMPACT” cartridge.


As a mark of quality and authenticity, the JICO logo is applied to the lead wire body. 

All the Lead Wire models fully highlight the performance of JICO MM cartridges.

※Lead Wires are exclusively made for JICO Headshells and can not be used with other manufacturers’ headshells.

Product Details:

[Order Acceptance Date]

May 1, 2023, 10:00 JST

[Estimated Delivery Date]

After May 10, 2023, JST