N-44G / AURORA IMP NUDE  Ae10118

USD 125.00

JICO Number: Ae10118 Category:


Manufacturer : SHURE

NUDE Tip is used for this product:
The entire tip of a NUDE Stylus is composed of diamond, as opposed to bonded tips.
The tip angle and round shape are identical to those of a standard bonded tip, while the diameter size is similar in comparison to the SAS series.


The tracking force is slightly heavier than genuine Shure products to reduce jump during scratches.
JICO replacement styli for Shure N-44G  whose tracking force is the same as genuine Shure N-44G ( 0.75-1.5g ) is also available.
The AURORAtype styli use the material which glows in the dark for the plastic resin part. It allows for enhanced visibility and adds a bit of flair to the DJ booth with a fluorescent stylus.


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