N-44-7  e007412

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USD 40.00

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Manufacturer : SHURE

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5 reviews for N-44-7

  1. Eric Naff (verified owner)

    Great product and the best replacement I’ve found for my Shure M44-7 carts. The N44-7 needles from JICO have lived up to the OEM standard. They sound good and track well. They really “hold the groove” when scratching. I ordered the base model replacement. They were $40 each plus shipping. I found a promo code online and saved a few bucks. They come from Japan and shipping was $20. Not bad. Took a couple weeks to get. They have other higher end replacements available that have flip up guards or tips that glow in the dark. Pretty cool.
    I’m happy with the product. I’m a turntablist/junglist that still uses vinyl. I really like my M44s and was glad to find a quality replacement since Shure stopped making needle replacements. I can scratch pretty hardcore with these and they sound like the OEM. Kickin’ bass with great punch. I was worried about getting these but took a shot anyway. I’m extremely happy with these needles and would recommend JICO products. Also, I found that spherical and conical needles are the same.
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  2. Hiroshi Hashimoto

    Thanks! it’s good work!!

  3. L.E. (verified owner)

    Excellent replacement for the discontinued Shure N44-7 stylus. “Stress tested” at a college radio station with many novice turntable users and lots of not-so-optimal vinyl, these replacements wear well and sound terrific.Most definitely on par with the original Shure product.

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