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N44 KUROGAKI  e002251

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Cantilever Series
Limited quantity
Manufacturer : SHURE

For M44G/M44-7

100% custom designed by one of the reticent craftsmen, Kotaro Morita.
Made of special wood, black persimmon aka “Kurogaki”.

**Please be very cautious upon handling this product as it is extremely fragile compared to other materials such as Aluminum, which is generally used for cantilever**

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2 reviews for N44 KUROGAKI

  1. arturo3358 (verified owner)

    A new life for the M44 with Mr. Morita kurogaki set: amazing for its warm sound with no listening fatigue, only pleasure for the ears

  2. ADAMHULL1 (verified owner)

    I got this for an old M44e that needed a new stylus. I chose the kurogaki just out of sheer curiosity. I have never really considered the m44e a true “hifi” cartridge, that is until now. The kurogaki shure combo is all about liveliness and excitement. I found it works well on all types of music from Melody Gardot to Depech Mode. Another brilliant product from Jico!

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