N-75ED  e007421

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Manufacturer : SHURE

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4 reviews for N-75ED

  1. Anonymous

    Superb quality stylus that’s very well made. Sounds good and tracks well too (Tracking at 1.3G) Very happy and will probably upgrade to the HE version in the future which is a Hyper Elliptical. Using this in my secondary system on a Lenco GL75. My other cart in my main system mounted on a SL-1210 is a Audio Technica AT-150MLx and whilst the latter being superior to the M75 with Jico stylus the Shure still sounds great with most types of music and is very fun. Plus points: Little to no distortion, lack of sibilance, warm laid back sound that really suits older records

  2. Anonymous

    I purchased a replacement stylus for my Shure M75 cartridge of many years. It was delivered within one week and has worked flawlessly. The replacement JICO styli are of a very high quality. Even when a genuine Shure stylus is still available, I highly recommend the JICO

  3. Anonymous

    The Jico N75ED replaced an original Shure N75 6 stylus. The first impression was broader stage sound. However after two tracks I changed the stylus pressure from 2 grams to 1 gram and the difference was dramatic. Much air was added to the sound, treble and bass became clearer and the separation of instruments improved.

    I’m very happy with the purchase, also because of the professional attitude of the Shop to the customer and very fast shipment.

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