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We interviewed  Mr. Toma Campbell, an audio equipments artist.

– Please tell us about your music life.

I listen to classical music on Alexa every morning. In the afternoon, listen on records.

When I put a record on a player, I feel like the switch of my heart turned on. 

– What are your favorite music genres?

I change music depending on my mood. I listen to various genres like jazz, rock, soul, etc. On a rainy day, I play records to cheer myself up. Fusion like George Benson and Olivia Newton-John make me cheerful.

―You had been in video production industry.  Why have you jumped in the world of music?

I wanted to work in music industry originally, but had few opportunities. However, in 1980, the number of video businesses was increasing and I got on the trend. Works in video industry is closely related to music and sound. For example, recording narrations and selection of musics for videos. I liked that kind of work.

―Why you started making speakers?

I found a simple amplifier that you need only put iPhone on that and I made it myself.  It was a back-loaded horn speaker and changed sound from iPhone drastically. That sound made me want to make a higher-grade one. After that, I made original speakers remodeling “masu (Japanese measuring box made of wood)”. I put them on my blog and they are featured on the magazine. In summer of that year, I sold my speakers in Handmade Festival in Makuhari and they were sold out. I recognized the existence of  people who likes my speakers.

– What is your future activity?

Now I’m interested in lighting like a neon tube. I want to make goods appealing to the eye. And I want to make a network with makers. I get on well with makers even if they have different interest from me. There are many makers… speaker makers like me, vase makers, and T-shirt makers, and so on. I want to hold a flea market with them.


Toma Campbell

An artist who are designing products in AkasakaBase Sound Goods Laboratory.Under the belief that “the essence of creative is making things”, he produces original goods such as speakers, lighting, interiors and so on. His dream is that his products make people smile around the world.After TV, music, advertising and IT industry, he opened AkasakaBase Sound Goods Laboratory in Akasaka, Tokyo.

2004/ released “Humming Kitchen” from monophonica record
2006/ won tokyo interactive ad awards
2015/ exhibited original speakers at “Hand Made In Japan Fes”
2019/ opened his own studio “AkasakaBase” in Akasaka, Tokyo

AkasakaBase Sound Goods Laboratory