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We are pleased to unveil our latest addition to the JICO CUSTOM SHOP lineup: Headshells designed to reflect our Company Logo, alongside Headshells inspired by the World of Skateboarding. Orders will be open for placement starting Wednesday March 27, 2024 – JST.

At the NAMM Show 2024 held in January, we unveiled prototypes of the Logo Headshell, which received an overwhelming response beyond our expectations.

Please note that due to the possibility of a high volume of orders, there may be a delay in shipping.


Originally created for exhibitions and events, our newest headshell models quickly gained acclaim internally, earning the title of a “Must-Have for JICO Enthusiasts.”

Unlike previous models featuring our logo on the headshell, this one is unique, designed exclusively to showcase our iconic logo, the headshell takes on the distinctive shape of the JICO logo. With its sleek design and ergonomic Finger Lift positioned between the “J” and “I,” the rounded shape of the final letter “O” accommodates lead wire connector terminals well.

We’ve also included a set of OMNIAs attached to JICO Logo Headshells packed in an original carrying case in our lineup.

This is a product we hope our JICO fans will be eager to get their hands on.


Our SKATEBOARD HEADSHELL model draws inspiration from the dynamic fusion of Boardsports and Music, particularly the vibrant culture of vinyl records. Among skateboarders, DJing with records is a source of inspiration, catalyzing the development of a headshell infused with JICO’s unique pursuit of style. Through careful examination of skateboard designs and the creation of multiple prototypes, JICO’s commitment to sonic ingenuity shines through. Skateboarding enjoys widespread global appeal, reaching the pinnacle of recognition as an Olympic sport. We aim for this product to serve as a catalyst in spreading the Japanese record culture worldwide.


① UV Resin Adoption:
Utilizing UV-curable resin, our product replicates the strength, durability, and heat resistance of ABS resin, while also boasting superior tensile and flexural strength. This material offers a unique blend of “flexibility” and “compliance” not achievable with metal counterparts.

② Precision 4-Layer Figure Painting:
Each piece undergoes meticulous hand painting, eschewing automated processes in favor of artisanal craftsmanship. This dedication ensures a high level of detail and care in every finished product.

③ Comprehensive In-House Production:
Every step of the manufacturing process, from painting to assembly, is conducted entirely in-house by skilled craftsmen with expertise in producing record needles. This hands-on approach guarantees the quality and integrity of our product.

④ Detailed Form Design:
Over the course of two years, we meticulously developed our design through multiple prototypes, prioritizing not only aesthetic appeal but also functional excellence. Attention was paid to every aspect, including size, balance, and weight, resulting in a product that embodies both “cool-looking” aesthetics and “functional beauty”.By concealing the screws from view on the top, we’ve preserved the design integrity while achieving a headshell form unlike any before.

These two headshell models not only feature exceptional interior design appeal but also epitomize JICO’s commitment to “Uncompromising Craftsmanship” in terms of both performance and functionality. We aspire for not only JICO enthusiasts and DJs but also all individuals who appreciate the warmth and feel of vinyl records to derive joy from them. JICO remains dedicated to crafting environments that enhance the experience of listening to records.

Yukihiko Nakagawa

[LOGO HEADSHELL Product Overview]

Price: $80 USD (incl. tax)
Weight: 7.5g (including lead wires)
Body Material: UV Resin
Screw Material: Stainless Steel
Screw Length: 12mm & 16mm (both included)
Dimensions: 78.6mm × 44mm
*Cartridge and stylus not included


Price: $80 USD (incl. tax)
Weight: 9.2g (including lead wires)
Body Material: UV Resin
Screw Material: Stainless Steel
Screw Length: 12mm & 16mm (both included)
Dimensions: 71.6mm × 42.5mm
*Cartridge and stylus not included

[OMNIA Series Product Overview]

Models include headshell, cartridge, and stylus.

● 2-Piece Set
Comes with dedicated carrying case
Price: Starting from $440 USD (incl. tax)

Price: Starting from $210 USD (incl. tax)

Price: Starting from $210 USD (incl. tax)

【Order Acceptance Date】

March 27, 2024

【Estimated Shipping】

After End of May 2024, Sequentially