44 model Cartridges

Manufactured SHURE M44G/M44-7 cartridge and replacment styli by reserching, developing with presinting full respect to SHURE.

Cartridge : 4 type
Replacment styli : 22 type

Also, we offer to separately only Cartridge or Replacment stylus or Headchell.



Compared with J44 enhanced powerful “PUNCH” to the reproduction of BASS from analog record.

If you prefer to low sound, J50 is suitable for you. Also, we offer to kit for J50 with MORITA wooden cantilever.

J50 Kit


The IMPACT is more suggested for the Club DJ (mix, blend) over the DJ that scratches/beat juggles due the overpower bass sound. Scratching will have an overwhelming sound on the output, sounding like there is too much bass.


Vibrant high-definition sound with a detailed deep warm thickness sound to the bass.


J44A 7

Crisp and clear in the higher frequencies with the bass being heavy, bold and pronounced with the overall presentation of sound.

Replacement stylus

N44G series

N44-7 series

MORITA 〜 Wooden Cantilever 〜 

Others (Elliptical and mono)


Cartridge + replacment stylus + headshell



J44A 7