Final Update to the TYPE-S Cantilever

The completed update to the New TYPE-S Cantilever

Through ongoing research and development, JICO aimed to produce cantilevers with minimal differences.

The cantilever plays a crucial role in the stylus as it transmits the vibrations of the sound from the record groove to the magnets in the cartridge. This component significantly affects the sound quality and tracking performance of the stylus. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the cantilever is of high quality to achieve optimal sound reproduction.

Mr. Morita, a highly skilled craftsman at JICO, expertly bends a heat-treated aluminum pipe with a diameter of 0.8mm and a wall thickness of 0.04mm into a precise curve shape, based on image analysis of SHURE products. This meticulous process involves repeated cutting and testing until the resulting cantilever is perfect. The cantilever is then assembled into a replacement stylus and subjected to rigorous listening tests to ensure it meets the high standards set by SHURE. Finally, the replacement needle is compared to SHURE’s own products to guarantee it is of the highest quality. Mr. Morita’s attention to detail and expertise in his craft secures that every replacement stylus is of the highest quality and meets the same standards of SHURE.

JICO is thrilled to announce that our logo will now be engraved on the front part of the knob of our replacement stylus. This new addition is designed to elevate the quality of your listening experience by providing you with an even more expansive sound continuation started from the original SHURE sound. Our stylus provides outstanding tracking performance in both forward and reverse directions, ensuring that you never miss a beat when listening to your favorite records.


♦NEW Cantilever Spec

① Changes Cantilever Curvature

The characteristics configuration of the cantilever is the same as the one manufactured by SHURE

② Changes
Height from the vinyl surface to the base of the cantilever

The height of the cantilever is roughly 0.2mm higher than the standard stylus, making the new cantilever the same height as the original SHURE products.

※ Updated November, 2021


③ Changes Stylus Tip Angle

The angle at which the stylus tip contacts the record groove is decreased from the standard 10° tilt to 7°, same as the SHURE design.

※ Updated November, 2021

♦This upgrade will be for the Cartridge : J44A 7, J44D, J40 ,IMPACT models,

   the replacement stylus : N44-7, N44G such as N44 series effective from March 28th, 2023 (JST).