S-1000GT  e002501

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Manufacturer : EMPIRE

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  1. Anonymous

    Stylus was immediately sent and received quickly.
    everything ok
    I 1080LT and original stylus and stylus new stock from USA elliptic
    but JICO Shibata stylus is absolutely better
    the difference is in all
    only with this tip you can hear true color tools
    voices are natural and what ever was heard, the bass frequencies will
    are impressive and “play” music remains consistent dynamic
    and fun
    If you compare it cheaper and Denon MC 160, 103, Dynavector 10×5, Ortofon MC 3
    MM Clearaudio Aurum, Goldring, etc. etc. all play well. There is no difference.
    None is better than JICO Shibata stylus.
    I tested everything: rock original 1st pressUSA Doors, Simon Garfunkel, etc.
    Beatles and RS 1st press GB
    Jazz Big Band and WDR Big Band Koln, Miles Davies,
    clasickou Deutsche Gramophone music (many) and other
    regardless of age and weight of the genre JICO stylus played all

    I ZYX 50 on a turntable and other apparatus better and I will not compare
    but I’ll try to play it as pleasant as JICO

    Technical page:

    Change of the tip is certainly alters compliance against the original (that is too high, and after more than 20 years??) and the new elliptical USA requires a slight shoulder (5 gr) or special
    Adjust the balance arm and tip. JICO tip is probably lower compliance and has no problem
    the current arm (10 gr effective mass)

    setting traking Force remained the same 1.3 g

    SRA best to me to be 92-93 °

    different settings for anti-skating
    the control LP 1 gr ,l while playing (in the groove), however, was much
    final value is probably less depending on shoulder
    (I am setting up a tolerance bearings from manufacturer
    have two identical arms varying tolerances)
    So you need to measure for the type of arm and relying on the manufacturer’s manual

    JICO is awesome

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