ATN-15  e001016

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Manufacturer : AUDIO TECHNICA

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2 reviews for ATN-15

  1. Bickhart, David

    Just received. Being used with a Signet TK7SU cartridge body in a Mitsubishi LT5V TT. Well balanced sound high end to bass. Excellent soundstage. Clear, crisp high end. Cymballs sizzle. Excellent tracking for high frequencies. No sybilance. Much better overall than the LP Gear Vividline it replaces.

  2. N8N

    Good sounding stylus, and when I tried to play a CD-4 disc I was greeted with a solid pink RADAR light and good sound out of both rear channels on the first try. Can’t really ask for much more than that! Now I never heard this cartridge with the original AT stylus (I was still drinking from a sippy cup during the heyday of quadraphonic) so I can’t directly compare, but the FR is obviously at least to spec. Only thing that could be better is if you offered a more modern stylus shape like the SAS for the AT15Sa.

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