D2000Q  e006002

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Manufacturer : PICKERING

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3 reviews for D2000Q

  1. adamhull1

    Purchased this for use on my restored Garrard SL95B. It has a very smooth top end. It does require some break in for the mid range and bottom end to sound right. The detail retrieval is excellent on everything from electronic pop music to acoustic jazz. Overall I’m very pleased and would highly recommend this stylus. Well done JICO!

  2. Anonymous

    Very impressed with this stylus. I have it mounted on a Stanton 680 cartridge body. It is an excellent tracker and sounds very nice – excellent detail retrieval. My only complaint is that Jico does not offer a SAS stylus for the Stanton 680/681 body or the Pickering XV-15 body. I would very much like one should it ever become available.

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent replacement stylus for Stanton 680/681 and Pickering XV-15 family of cartidges. Tracks really well and kills the sibilance while having a big warm sound. Highly recommended!

    P.S. the brush is useless, take it off.

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