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Super Analog Stylus (SAS) Profile Tip
The tip of the is carefully chosen from single-crystal natural diamonds. The laser-cut diamond closely resembles that of the cutting stylus used on a cutting lathe to produce the acetate master disks used in vinyl production. This allows the SAS tip to reach into the deepest recesses of the record groove in order to retrieve details which were previously inaccessible to other stylus profiles. Due to its wide contact area with the groove wall, the SAS can reproduce a more expansive bandwidth of information with higher fidelity.
is one of the most suitable materials for cantilevers. its density is low, Young’s modulus is large, and the speed of sound propagation is approximately 2.6 times faster than that of aluminum. Due to the characteristics above, boron cantilever can more precisely trace the information contained in the record grooves than aluminum cantilever.

7 reviews for EPS-205EX SAS/B

  1. Ivanilov, Oleg (verified owner)

    AMAZING!!! Thank you very much! Amazing sound with my TECHNICS EPC 205СMK3 cartridge.
    Vinyl sounded in a new way, chic channel separation and sound processing depth.
    Thank JICO!

  2. Warren

    I am impressed by this replacement stylus for my EPC205CII. It out performs the previous Rega Apheta 2 by a large margin. Surface noise is extremely low and detail retrieval is impressive. The only thing I found is I have to track it at 2.0g, at this tracking force it easily passes Band 8 tracking test on the HFN test LP. I will buy another to keep as a spare.

  3. Anonymous

    I was so much impressed by this replacement stylus for my Technics EPC-205CMk4 cartridge that I am ordering another one.

    The sound is so natural in my system even surpassing the sound quality from my Ortofon 2M Blue by a huge margin!

    Now I am a believer of Jico’s SAS stylus. The SAS profile makes it track flawlessly even challenging tracks without distortion!

    I can hear subtle details in LPs that I have not heard before. So it made me listen to my favorite LPs again and discovered so much details in the recordings.

    I can now hear the rich timbre of musical instruments – cymbals sound like real, kick drum impact and controlled, very warm midrange, powerful bass!

    The sound stage is very clear that I can pinpoint the location of the instruments. It was not like this with the Ortofon 2M.

    Thank you so much for developing the SAS!

    I just hope that for my second order the quality will be consistent with my first one.

    I know JICO can assure me this.

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