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Manufacturer : SHURE
Super Analog Stylus (SAS) Profile Tip
The tip of the is carefully chosen from single-crystal natural diamonds. The laser-cut diamond closely resembles that of the cutting stylus used on a cutting lathe to produce the acetate master disks used in vinyl production. This allows the SAS tip to reach into the deepest recesses of the record groove in order to retrieve details which were previously inaccessible to other stylus profiles. Due to its wide contact area with the groove wall, the SAS can reproduce a more expansive bandwidth of information with higher fidelity.
is one of the most suitable materials for cantilevers. its density is low, Young’s modulus is large, and the speed of sound propagation is approximately 2.6 times faster than that of aluminum. Due to the characteristics above, boron cantilever can more precisely trace the information contained in the record grooves than aluminum cantilever.


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29 reviews for N-97xE SAS/B

  1. Anonymous

    Update: Well, I’ve played a couple of records since my initial review and just like magic the tendency to ‘skipping’ has all but disappeared, and the SAS stylus on my M97xE sounds simply stunning. Very highly recommended!

  2. Anonymous

    Well the Jico SAS stylus I’d purchased arrived this morning and I’ve wasted no time in checking it out on the M97xE that resides on my main Dual CS-515 turntable and ULM tonearm. The tracking weight was checked at the recommended 1.25 grams with no stabiliser in use and my usual phono preamp set at 62 K input resistive impedance was used for initial listening.

    Well, how does it sound? Lovely…..but! Firstly, I found that whilst it was a firm fit on my M97xE cartridge body, it was not particularly tight, which was a slight concern as it may become more loose over time and with use.

    Sonically, it is a delight revealing much improved sonic detail, resolution and improved and more precise stereo imaging over the standard Shure stylus. I didn’t detect any excessive brightness with the new stylus, suggesting that a slightly higher resistive load impedance than 47 k is advisable, although with the improved clarity and resolution it will probably sound quite engaging at 47 k. One more test to do!

    Comparing the sound of the Jico SAS stylus to the standard Shure elliptical brought to mind the visual image of looking at a beautiful gem stone that had become a little dirty and dull, whereas the Jico sounded like a gem stone presented in all its visual splendor. I swapped the two stylii frequently on the same music sections to confirm this.

    Two very different records were listened to, one record was of Haydn’s Violin Concertos released on Philips and the other was a well used but still in good condtion of Deep Purple’s ‘Machine Head’ album from around 1972. The improved clarity and sonic resolution was especially noted on the Deep Purple record.

    Ok now the bad news. The supplied note suggests that the SAS stylus requires essentially pristine records in excellent condition. On the basis on my initial listening I’d go futher and say, don’t try to play anything unless it is absolutely pristine and clean. It is a very ‘fussy’ stylus! On the Deep Purple record which is slightly warped, it jumped and skipped frequently and watching the whole cartridge quiver alarmingly with warps was very disconcerting and somewhat alarming.

    The Haydn record played much better but with more skips than I had expected. Normally, there are none. Indeed with the standard Shure stylus both records play perfectly even without the use of the Dynamic Stabiliser! I experimented with the stabiliser on the SAS stylus and found its value very marginal. Increasing the tracking weight helped somewhat but was somewhat beyond the recommended range that Jico suggest. It will be interesting to see if things improve with time and the stylus ‘breaks in’?!

    In conclusion, the Jico SAS is a fine stylus and if one is interested in improved sonic quality from the M97xE, it is highly recommended however its inability to properly play even slightly ‘less than perfect’ records is a significant disappointment to me.

  3. Anonymous

    If you are the owner of a Shure M97xe cartridge, do yourself a favor, and upgrade it with this amazing stylys. You will then be the owner of a reference quality MM cartridge, wich will outperform almost any cartidge you have heard.

    The sound is very natural and colorful, with lots of detail, and almost zero distortion.

    A word of advice: Don`t forget to breathe while you listen to this stylys.

    Søren Larsen

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