N-97xE  e007497

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Manufacturer : SHURE

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2 reviews for N-97xE

  1. Mike Deacon (verified owner)

    Very happy with the sound quality and excellent build of this stylus, more so than the original N97xE stylus made by Shure.

  2. Anonymous

    Take a Shure N97xE cartridge and add a JICO entry level stylus and you raise the bar significantly on the audio quality. I can only imagine what their top level SAS stylus will add! (will soon find out when I can afford to splurge) The OME Shure Stylus weighs in at 1.48g, the JICO replacement comes in at .98g a significant difference in stylus weight. The visible difference in fit and finish of the Elliptical tip and mounting on the cantilever between the two at 300x magnification shows the true care and quality of the workmanship of this. Cost difference between the JICO and Shure OME make the JICO a much better buy. If you are considering this, you will not regret this easy and significant upgrade Just don’t forget to rebalance your tone are after replacing with the JICO

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