SETO-HORI  e100900

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SETO-HORI ceramic cartridge is hand-crafted in Japan with precise expertise to achieve maximum fidelity.
Covering the high output voltage MC cartridge engine with SETOMONO ceramic-ware,SETO-HORI suppresses excess vibration of the cartridge engine itself.
SETO-HORI Specifications
Output voltage:2mV
Output balance:<1.5dB/1kHz
Stylus force:2.0g
Channel separation:25dB/1kHz
Frequency response:15-32,000Hz
Output impedance:130Ω/1kHz
Boron cantilever
Product net weight:11g
Shielding case:Ceramic ware from Seto and Walnut tree.
All cartridge shipped with 100% shipping inspection with sound check.

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2 reviews for SETO-HORI

  1. Koerner, Michael

    Really excellent Cartridge. Sounds very complete. Very strong in rendering Voices. It is not overly analytical, more like the best MMs out there with a full and “integrating” Sound. In a german Forum someone compared it to the Koetso Black. (As I never heard one I can’t confirm on this). Very happy with the purchase.

    For me it’s a little bit like a audio -reincarnation of Kyocera :-). The quality and craftmanship is really on the same level like the PL-901 or an old Contax.
    Thank you very much, Jico!

  2. vinyl-care

    I bought JICO SETO-HORI from Netherlands distributor and very satisfied. Ultimate finishing and workmanship. Deep bass and detailed high & mid-range. Highly recommended. Listening much jazz, classic and 70’s rock. Turntable SCHEU ANALOG Diamond. I have to listen to all my records again…

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