VN-45HE SAS/S  e086047

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Manufacturer : SHURE
Super Analog Stylus (SAS) Profile Tip
The tip of the Super Analog Stylus is carefully chosen from single-crystal natural diamonds. The laser-cut diamond closely resembles that of the cutting stylus used on a cutting lathe to produce the acetate master disks used in vinyl production. This allows the SAS tip to reach into the deepest recesses of the record groove in order to retrieve details which were previously inaccessible to other stylus profiles. Due to its wide contact area with the groove wall, the SAS can reproduce a more expansive bandwidth of information with higher fidelity.
The reproducibility of the sound engraved on analog records is further enhanced by adopting sapphire for cantilevers since sapphire has high rigidity. Compared to aluminum cantilevers, every single sound will be defined more clearly, allowing the users to enjoy crystal-clear sound.



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2 reviews for VN-45HE SAS/S

  1. Jim Clark

    have not had another arm to compair to the sas/s however is my goto stylus, i do and have bought many sas, saphire well worth the price

  2. ChrisO

    I picked up the JICO NEO SAS/S for my V15 Type IV- just amazing. One of the best carts now that I have – I’d say comparable to my Grado Reference Master. Better than my DV10x5

    I’ll definitely be back for another.

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