VN-5xMR HG SAS/B  e007496

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Manufacturer : SHURE
Super Analog Stylus (SAS) Profile Tip
The tip of the Super Analog Stylus is carefully chosen from single-crystal natural diamonds. The laser-cut diamond closely resembles that of the cutting stylus used on a cutting lathe to produce the acetate master disks used in vinyl production. This allows the SAS tip to reach into the deepest recesses of the record groove in order to retrieve details which were previously inaccessible to other stylus profiles. Due to its wide contact area with the groove wall, the SAS can reproduce a more expansive bandwidth of information with higher fidelity.
is one of the most suitable materials for cantilevers. its density is low, Young’s modulus is large, and the speed of sound propagation is approximately 2.6 times faster than that of aluminum. Due to the characteristics above, boron cantilever can more precisely trace the information contained in the record grooves than aluminum cantilever.
There is NO interchangeability between VN5MR and VN5xMR. Please confirm your cartridge / stylus number and select suitable stylus.

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15 reviews for VN-5xMR HG SAS/B

  1. Anonymous

    Superb. Considerably betters the stock Shure replacement stylus in the following areas:trackability (and the stock was already very very good in this regard), treble finesse, detail, and dynamics. A more lively and “ALIVE” sound than the stock VN5xMR. So, if you’ve got an old V15VxMR lying around, you’ve got NO excuse…you may well find you prefer it in some ways to your way more expensive MC audiophiliac wonder.

  2. Anonymous

    Superb replacement stylus for the Shure V15VxMR, sounds and tracks great, definitely in the same league as the highly acclaimed Shure original (I still have a very reasonable one).

    Right out of the box it sounded somewhat “thin” and I was sceptical about it, but after playing it for a couple of hours it REALLY opened up … Highly recommended!

  3. Anonymous

    I got the VN5xMR(SAS) from jico on 10/13/09. It is worth every penny! It fits perfectly on the M97xE body as well as the V15-VxMR body. I would rather have it than a new shure replacement. Its that good! This is NOT after-market second rate stuff!
    Greg H.
    Central NC

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