Welcome To JICO- Introducing new Custom Shop Series

Globally known manufacturing company for phonograph stylus with each order precisely build with “Omotenashi” pride by artisans and professionally trained craftworkers.

JICO will be implementing a new segment from 2021;  JICO Custom Shop Series (CSS), introducing JICO’s new cartridges, JICO brand styli, DJ series products, and accessories.   
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DJ Series

JICO's DJ styli allow to set heavier tracking forces than genuine original products, creating DJs to scratch freely to help produce powerful entertaining sounds. Our Club series uses 100% phosphorescent pigment (Lumi Nova) used in the resin, which shines at a fixed brightness when exposed to black light.


Kotaro Morita, JICO's top artisan invented Kurogaki and Ushikoroshi, styli using wood cantilevers. These styli are available for 5 different Shure cartridges. Check out the details below in this website.


Check out our press release for details on upcoming JICO brand products!

Work Processes & Secret Tools

JICO has a long history until we reached to the level today as we’ve had been taking pride in producing high quality phonograph replacement stylus for over several decades.  Click here for more relevant information on JICO history.

Building styli is not  just simply about assembling the parts such as  tip, cantilever, rubber damper, and knob, but there are many other small complicated parts that require specialized skills to assemble.

We are exceptionally excited to have the opportunities to prove our skills when we receive orders from customers that are particularly difficult to produce; due to complexity of internal stylus structure despite of a deceptively simple external appearance.


“Failure is not an option”

One of the slogans that Kotaro has been teaching his pupils with the key to achieve success is ‘repetition’. 
Don’t sweat the small stuff by failing once or twice.  Keep moving forward until you ultimately achieve the success of  accomplishment with responsibilities. 

Our Featured Products



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