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We interviewed with Mr. Mamoru Tamiya, who is running the “HIPHIPSHAKE”, a Italian vintage bike shop in Aoyama area, Tokyo. He ran the record shop handling European music.


– I heard you ran the record shop before.

Yes. I ran vintage record shops in Harajuku and Kichijoji. I handled Chanson and French Pops records like Serge Gainsbourg.


– Where did you buy records?

Record market in France. Not in Paris but… I forget the name of the place. Maybe Legiao. There is a open square and record market was held there.

– So were you a French Pops lover?

Originally I like American music like Gene Vincent, Little Richard and Otis Redding. I was a member of the band “BELLETS,” playing 50’s American music.

– What the roots of your preference?

My mother was a musician, so I was influenced by her. I listened to Pat Boone from my childhood.

– It has a relation to this place (Harajuku, Aoyama)?

There was the base camp of the occupation army here. Coming home from school, American drama was on TV. Every child who lived near here likes American cars.

– Why do you handle Italian vintage bikes now?


I handled American used clothes before. I sold Buddha statues in America, bought clothes,and sold them in Japan. I enjoyed it first, but as people got interested in old clothes, my excitement cooled down. So I quit it and started a bike shop.

– How do you listen to music? 


In the shop, FEN in old times. It’s today’s AFN. At home, I listen to CDs of 50’s American music or French Pops.

– What are customers like?

An owner of business, ex-bureaucrat…The oldest one is 85 years old. They run 200~250 km in a day, so bikes need to be light and durable.

– So, do some bikes get wrong in the long course?

It might happen. So I’m careful not to get customers injured. With my maintenance, you don’t need to worry about getting wrong for a year. I know how to do that.


– Do you go to Italy for buying frames?

Yes. I buy them in Milano. I go to see craftsmen because way they make frames are different depending on the craftsman.

– How many bikes do you handle in a year?

It’s hundreds including telephone support.

– I feel the pride of craftsman from you.

No mechanics no rider, I think.


– It’s good how you get old.

Do you know the words ”old gold”? It means as you get old, your value comes close to gold. The key to that is pursuing what you like and keep on it.

– What is your favorite record?

It’s “UP-TIGHT” by Stevie Wonder. I like “Love a Go Go.”