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We interviewed Mr. Yasuhiro Matsuda, the representative of the ironworks “Matsuda-yasu Tekkou”.

– I heard you make iron products for individual customers.

We made them with famous industrial designers. Some products are difficult to make as designers intention and didn’t reach the productization. We struggled for mat painting and somehow managed to make iron households goods.

 I wanted to make iron speaker cabinet, but was opposed because the weight is 150kg. I wanted to make the speakers like in the theater of old America. Iron is suited for acoustic device. In the old days, speakers are made of heavy metals, but now of wood.

– I heard you know JICO.

My friend told me that JICO is the good company. I love records and I’m so glad about recent record revival. I don’t like actual very much but sound of records. 

– Sound of records?

I can not relax listening to live music because surrounded by many noise and musicians make some mistakes. I like records as a form of the art. I also like cassette tapes.

– So you like analog sound.

Yes, listening to CD, I feel receiving information. Listening to record, I feel like listening to the spirit. However, I don’t like listening in front of the audio equipment. I like the music from the next room.

– What do you mean?

I like the music someone plays. The distance like that is best for me.

– What genres do you like?

I listen to Jazz basically, but also like the Beatles. The Beatles sound consists of Rickenbacker and chorus of three men. That sound is not actual. It is equalized after recording. I think it is the recording art.

 And, I like warm sound from radio. I’m so happy that DJ plays the music I like by chance.

– How did you get interested in records?

Old days’ Japanese music has the flavor of Jazz. Music like that makes me feel strange and happy.

I love the Japanese culture before I was born, Especially around 15th century. I think the art of in the age is matured and Japanese aesthetic is going back now. Japanese art is not like da Vinci, but like the craftsmen’s works. It doesn’t need to be too individual.

– So you like the traditional Japanese beauty.

Yes. I like “wabi sabi.” I want the music to have the beauty like that. I like the songs made by John Lennon. Probably he was very relaxing when he make songs. On the contrary, Paul McCartney make songs so seriously, I think. He can make long, beautiful, and perfect melodies. 

– I feel you are so delicate. It’s the important for your work?

I think the process of scraping is similar to playing some instruments. There are many ways to head to the goal. Your taste appears in a way you choose.

– What is “Matsuda-Yasu” in the corporate name?

Men of my family have the name “Matuda Yasu-something” for generations. I named my son following that, but my son says he won’t follow it.

– When was the company founded?

My great-grandfather founded 122 years ago, but he died young. My grandfather was apprenticed to the blacksmith and succeeded.

– What is your favorite record?

It’s “Django Reinhardt” of Django Reinhudrt. I was shocked when I heard this for the first time in my junior high school days.

– What is the analog record to you?