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“bonobo” is in the residential area near Harajuku.

The barkeeper said “Good sound makes people emotional. I want them to become friends here.” He wants customers to be moved by the sound and that’s why he open the bar 15 years ago. 

The speakers are homebuilt ones using the unit of ALTEC 604, the mixer has 10 vacuum tubes, and the cartridge is MM of SHURE. “Many DJ plays here, so I adapt 44-7 which is durable.”

bonobo has 3 floors. 2nd floor is designed like a Japanese-style room and you can enjoy the DJ on the tatami-mat. This room is popular with foreigners because of comfortableness for some reason.

Recommendation is “Vodka Cranberry”, you can drink any glasses.

Asking him about JICO’s product, he said “I can recommend the product to the people who are looking for N44-7. I don’t feel the difference from the genuine product.”

Music Bar “bonobo

The bar was named after a kind of ape in Central Africa. Bonobo is known for their high intelligence and peaceful character. “Given a banana, a chimpanzee eats it all by herself, but a bonobo splits it into half and give it to a friend.”

2-23-4, Jingumae, Shubuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6804-5542
Open : Tue. – Sun.  9 pm ~ 5 am
Close: Mon.