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JICO Original CAP

We are pleased to announce the release of the JICO Original Cap. Orders will be accepted starting May 1st, 2024 (Wednesday).

On the front, there is the CUSTOM SHOP logo mark, and on the side, the JICO logo along with “True Vinyl Bless” is inscribed. We have prepared a total of four variations, all available in one size fits all.

・JICO SnapBack Cap Gold on Black

・JICO SnapBack Cap Black on Black

・JICO Baseball Cap Gold on Black

・JICO Baseball Cap Black on Black

As these are made-to-order products, please allow some time for shipping.

Please note that the actual product colors may vary slightly from those shown in the product images due to differences in image quality.


【Order Acceptance Date】

May 1, 2024

【Estimated Shipping】

From May 2024 onwards, shipments will be sent out sequentially.