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Introducing ‘C-REVO’: A New Era of Innovation from JICO

■ Introducing ‘C-REVO’: A New Era of Innovation from JICO

In April 2021, we launched our proprietary brand ‘CUSTOM SHOP PRODUCTS’ and began developing “High-Quality and Modern Products.”

In 2020, JICO proudly announced its unique brand, ‘Custom Shop Products,’ marking the beginning of a quest for crafting ‘High-Quality and Modern Products.’ Over the past four years, we’ve introduced an array of outstanding offerings, including the renowned replica model of SHURE’s MM cartridge, the “J44” series. Moreover, we’ve developed the “J50,” tailored for tranquil and serene settings, and the “IMPACT” famous for its exceptional deep bass, making it perfect for the vibrant club scene. These products have earned acclaim worldwide.

In addition to cartridges, we have proposed numerous products that combine diamond tip materials, tip shapes, and cantilever materials, creating JICO’s unique “Realm of Savoring Tonal Nuances.” Representative products include the ‘SAS’ and ‘MORITA’ series. Recently, under the ‘ARTIST’ series, we have collaborated with various renowned artists to develop products, presenting new ways to enjoy analog records.

Expanding our product lineup to include items such as lead wires, headshells, and apparel has widened our product range and price range.

The overall concept of ‘CUSTOM SHOP PRODUCTS’ is “High-Quality and Modern.” This time, we have decided to divide it into “Traditional” and “Innovative.” Foundational products will continue to reside within the “Traditional” category, part of the existing ‘CUSTOM SHOP PRODUCTS’ lineup, with relatively accessible prices. Groundbreaking products that challenge conventional ideas will now be newly established under ‘C-REVO’ as “Innovative.”

The ‘C’ symbolizes CUSTOM SHOP PRODUCTS, while ‘REVO’ signifies Revolutionize. We aimed to instigate, aspire to, and enable transformative change within our distinct brand. Despite the brand separation, our pursuit of the “JICO Sound” remains Universal—crafting products with unwavering attention to detail and maintaining our commitment to quality from the past, through the present, and into the future. Please continue to expect JICO’s dedication to creating even more refined products!

JICO, Nippon Precision Jewel Industry Co., Ltd.

President Yukihiro Nakagawa

Products that could not be created with conventional ideas:

The new products under the ‘C-REVO’ brand, such as the “Logo Headshell” and “Skateboard Headshell,” are now available. These are products that JICO Enthusiasts and those with an open curiosity for new things should definitely check out.

Exploration of the “JICO Sound”:

We plan to announce further products one after another toward 2025. We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.