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 Due to large increasing number of
“SAS/R series”

the shipping date of mentioned products will be delayed until the beginning of March, 2020 

for all orders placed on January 14th, 2020.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused to our customers.

Thanks for the kind understanding and we express our gratitude everyone for the support.

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3-minute walk from East exit of JR Kanda station, “Root down” is there with a dignified presence. The barkeeper, Mr. Toru Yoshikawa says “I make the space thinking how I feel if I were the customer.” He selects the records from the day of his mood and atmosphere. His collection is Jazz, Blues, Soul and Latin American records.(He has more

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We interviewed with DJ SHARK. He is the HIPHOP DJ of Japan and have lived in New York for DJ training before. – It is said that analog record is trending now.Many people enjoy records and big music lovers buy DJ equipments. I’m so glad to see the trend like that. I didn’t care about the sound quality, but now

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Shipping cost & Delivery date

SAS products requires additional one week to the following list.
It might take more time when we receive many orders at a time such as before and after holiday.
Certain countries may require additional transit time for customs clearance.

Area Shipping cost (Up to 5 styli) Delivery date (Japan Time)
Orders received on
Monday – Wednesday Thursday – Sunday
Asia $15.56 Next Wednesday Next Friday
Oceania $22.22 Next Thursday Next Monday
Middle East $22.22 Next Thursday Next Monday
North America $22.22 Next Thursday Next Monday
Central America $22.22 Next Thursday Next Monday
Europe $24.44 Next Thursday Next Monday
South America $26.67 Thursday the week after next Monday the week after next
Africa $26.67 Thursday the week after next Monday the week after next

Please note that EMS requires your signature when delivering and this is why JICO chooses EMS.
We would like our products to be handed from the delivery service to our customers.