Introducing 2,000 types of styli providing the same performance quality as a genuine needle from 30 different record player manufacturers.

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Pursuing best quality "JICO SOUND" utilizing existing inimitable technologies


updates of current news and answering most frequently asked questions

Jazz Cafe BASIE Replacement styli  “VN35MRB II” and the “VN35EB” supervised by Shoji “Swifty” Sugawara will be released on May 19th 2021!


JICO, introducing best-of-the-best cartridges replacing Shure’s M44D and M44-7. 
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Check out our new SAS package and expecting CSS stylus packages!

*an abbreviation for “Customs Shop Series”, introducing high-quality, sophisticated high-end products with higher specifications compared with our standard products.  Check out the press release here.

SAS / DJ / Morita products will be classified as JICO Hi-Fi product and will be transitioning into CSS segment.  All CSS shipments will take place from April 2021.  Here are the list of products that will be classified as CSS.
 – DJ Series (Including WHLB)
 – SAS Series (Boron, Sapphire, Ruby, & Zirconia)
 – MORITA Series (Kurogaki & Ushikoroshi)

Please refer our shipping and return (warranty) policies here.

1) Our shipping carrier is FedEx.
    EMS is still not valid in many countries and locations. 
    We do no have a service for DHL.

2) In most cases, FedEx support customs clearance services to facilitate the import shipments.   Some countries may have strict import policies where FedEx will ask for the copy of personal verifications such as Driver’s License, Passport, or other legal documents.   In such an event, DO NOT  refuse their request in order to avoid getting the shipment confiscated or shipped back to us.  Customers will require to pay for the additional shipping fee for us to resend the package.

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SAS/DJ/Morita products are now available from CSS (Custom Shop Series) but the shipping date is TBD.  We expect to dispatch them by early May 2021.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please read carefully with shipping policies and our return (warranty) policies here.

Check out 2020 DMC Technics USA Scratch Finals with JICO promo vids streaming from 26:47!

Click here for the details on Shure stylus compability!

Click here for the details on Pickering stylus compability!

Work Processes & Secret Tools

JICO has a long history until we reached to the level today as we’ve had been taking pride in producing high quality phonograph replacement stylus for over several decades.  Click here for more relevant information on JICO history.

Building styli is not  just simply about assembling the parts such as  tip, cantilever, rubber damper, and knob, but there are many other small complicated parts that require specialized skills to assemble.

We are exceptionally excited to have the opportunities to prove our skills when we receive orders from customers that are particularly difficult to produce; due to complexity of internal stylus structure despite of a deceptively simple external appearance.