D6800EEE-S  e007916

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Manufacturer : STANTON

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9 reviews for D6800EEE-S

  1. Anonymous

    I got it today via EMS courier. It is a definite upgrade from the original Stanton D6800EEE-III that I have been using. Much broader soundstage, crystal clear treble, absense of any sibilance, tight yet deep and extended bass, very detailed, accurate and musical. *Unfortunately* it brings forth all the defeciences in the recording, production and pressing of your vinyl, as well as any wear…. On par or even better than my Ortofon OM-30.
    Domo Arigato!

  2. Anonymous

    Superb accuracy and detail. One of if not the best styli available for the 681.

  3. Anonymous

    Perfect piece of work!!
    The shibata stylus brings to life all the colors from the stanton681EEE cartridge!! It removes the sibilance issue too, problem sometime experienced with this good cartdrige.

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