D6800EEE-S  e007916

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Manufacturer : STANTON

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9 reviews for D6800EEE-S

  1. Anonymous

    This stylus has made my 681EEE come back to life. It has a detailed, balanced and smooth sound. Almost excellent. My only concern is the brush. I did not know whether or not to follow Stanton’s recommendation of adding 1g to VTF if you’re using the brush; when I did, it just did not sound very right. I could adjust the VTF (with brush on) by ear, but it was hard to know the resulting/actual force even with a scale, and I did not want to take a chance with my records.

  2. Anonymous

    This cartridge upgrade entire music listening experience by just nominal investment. Very clean and accurate replay. It would be nicer if the brush can be little more softer though. The stiffness of the brush makes the tone arm balancing and weight adjustment quite difficult. I ended up using the original brush instead of the new brush that came with the cartridge

  3. Anonymous

    This stylus has brought the cartridge back to life, fantastic, so much better than generic Swiss made one. Word of warning if buying in the UK ,your purchase will end up with parcelforce/customs, did not mind paying UK tax but £13.50 delivery for 250 miles when JICO &SMS got it all the way from Japan for £12 is outrageous!

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