D6800EEE-S  e007916

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Manufacturer : STANTON

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8 reviews for D6800EEE-S

  1. Anonymous

    …had this one a couple yrs ago, and It was wonderful–very crisp-sounding, and with more detail than the stock stylus. if you are a Stanton 681 fan, the Shibata tip
    is the ideal setup!!

  2. Anonymous

    This Stylus is the perfect compliment to the Stanton 681 EEE cartridge on a Stanton ST150 turntable. The sound is deep, even and very smooth. Background noise is at a low minimum, if at all. Been recording all my vinyl into my Mac with VinylStudio software, using the cleanup audio mode and batch out to Aiff & Flac. Sound is amazingly clean and just wonderful. Very happy.

    Also have a 2nd AT-LP120 turntable with a Stanton 681 EEE cartridge as well I listen to vinyl on my home Hi-Fi system, 9 speakers, pure bliss!

    If you are on the fence as whether this will work and is worth spending this amount, spend the money, good sound does not come cheaply. Dave

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